Shadow Lights

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Want to have a Designer Shadow Lights experience in your home?

We've heard you! Decors Mantra’s exclusive line of shadow lamps are designed to adorn your walls with an ethereal elegance. These designer lamps have never been seen before and work wonders. It not only casts a soft light in the room but also an enchanting shape shadow on the wall. This is its main attraction. It creates a shadow that is three times larger than the lamp's shape. You can see how this magical shadow lighting transforms a room.

What can a shadow lamp do to your room?

If you are planning to decorate your room in a minimal but attractive way, shadow lamps can be a great lighting option. You must have seen the beauty of these lamps if you've already come across our collection of unique shadow wall lights. This is a work of pure art and dexterity. The high-resolution pictures show the attention to detail. Switch to a lamp that will make your room stand out. When not lit, the shape of the lamp can be used as a decorative wooden wall.

Choose a design that will transform your living space with its bewitching beauty in the darkness. These shadow lamps are beautiful because their mystical light can cast a spell over anyone who looks at them. You can also choose Mandala Art Creative Shade Lamp for your bedroom and not worry about other lamps. It is not necessary to have more than one creative lamp in order to be praised for your decor.

Shadow lamps make for a great gift, no matter what the occasion. This could be a great gift for your relative or friend who is planning a home renovation or moving into a new place. Indian festivals are about showing love and affection. A statement shadow lamp would be a great gift to make an impression on the person you love.

What are the best floor lamps for decorating a living room?

What you choose depends entirely on your personal taste. Decors Mantra offers a variety of decorative home shadow lamps, ranging from the minimalist to the flashy. Our minimalist collections are perfect for those who love simple decor but don't want it to be a focal point. If you want to make your living room stand out, choose from our collection of luxurious shadow lamps.