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A pooja temple is a part of the home that brings us serenity and calm. The home temple is where we can be assured that God's presence is there. A pooja room in the home is the place we go when we need to relax or are stressed. Give your gods their own home by installing a wooden temple in your house. Decors Mantra offers you a wide range of designs for pooja mandirs that will bring positivity into your home. Our extensive collection of pooja mandirs online provides a wide range of choices, whether it's about size, color, or design. Our talented interior designers can guide you in the placement of this piece of furniture for maximum positivity and tranquility. We have everything you need on our site and in our shops, from ready-made wooden temples to custom-made ones. ! 

Select Your Next Home Temple from Our Wide Range of Materials. 

Decors Mantra furniture is known for its high quality. Our raw materials are 100% pure, ensuring long-lasting durability and a shiny appearance. The wooden home temples we offer online come in a variety of materials and designs. 

You can find the innovative mandir at home in these materials: 

Sheesham Wood Home temple 

Vaastu says that sheesham is one of the purest types of wood for building the perfect wooden temple. Its flexibility allows for the creation of a compact pooja temple. A Sheesham home temple is a great investment. It will give you plenty of space, style, and durability. 

Mango Wood Home Temple 

Mango wood has a relatively soft texture, making it ideal for furniture. Decors Mantra offers a wide variety of temples made from mango wood. Browse our collection and find the perfect wooden temple to match your home. 

Teak Wood Home temple 

Teak wood is a durable material suitable for designer pooja temples. It is resistant to decay and insects and has a high oil content. Decors Mantra offers a wide range of teak wooden temples in trendy designs at an affordable price. 

Engineered Wood Home Temple 

You can enjoy the stylish and sleek wooden temples for your home on a tight budget. Our most popular material is engineered wood, which is light and easy to use in small spaces. 

Marble Home Temple 

Another auspicious material for pooja mandirs is marble. Marble mandirs for the home have a polished appearance that gives off a peaceful atmosphere. They are also durable. 

Decors Mantra Offers a Wide Range of Temples for Your Home 

Decors Mantra offers a variety of home temple designs that are perfect for blending with different interior styles. We create unique designs that will help you bring a blissful aura to your almighty. Let's look at each of the Home Temple designs to understand them better. 

Wall Mounted Home Temple 

Decors Mantra has a wide range of wall-mounted home temples that are perfect for small spaces. You can also place the deities at a higher level, which symbolizes that God is always above. 

Floor Rested Home Temple 

The most common design of pooja mandir in India is a floor-resting pooja Ghar. Decors Mantra has the most beautiful designs for floor-resting home temples. They are spacious, stylish, and perfect to house the lords. 

Home Temple with Storage 

A temple at home with storage can be a very versatile design. A storage pooja mandir can be used to hide unnecessary items or store pooja necessities. 

Home Temple with Dome 

The most promising thing you can do for your home is to build a temple. The dome structure is thought to enhance the divinity of the gods. This design is also similar to a mandir. 

Home Temple with Door 

The doors on home temples are an excellent design choice. Decors Mantra has the most intricately carved and engaging home mandirs with doors. You can add some style and aesthetic to your pooja room while protecting the idols from dust. 

Open Mandir for Home 

Decors Mantra has an exclusive collection of open-home temples. The look and feel of a pooja temple without a door is stunning. This handy design will elevate your pooja mandir's look and feel to extravagant levels. 

  • Home temple Vastu Tips & Placement Directions 
  • Vastu suggests that you consider these tips when you place a new pooja ghar: 
  • Place the pooja Ghar northeast of your house. 
  • Keep your temple at home clean and well-organized. The idols must be placed in a systematic order. 
  • It is not a good idea to keep broken idols in the pooja temple, as they can bring negative energy. 
  • It is essential that the idols face east as it is where the sun rises and marks a new beginning.


It is essential to ensure that your temple has proper lighting, which attracts positive energies. 

What to consider before buying a designer Pooja Mandir 

People turn to home temples to find comfort and peace. There are a few things to consider before you begin searching for mandirs for your home online. 

Size: You need to consider the size of your room. If you have a spacious room, you can choose a large mandir. If you are limited in space, you will need to be more selective. If this is the case, then a wall-mounted home temple may be right for you. 

Selection of Material: Since this is a one-time purchase, it's essential to choose the best material. Both marble and wooden temples are durable materials that are considered auspicious. 

Storage Spaces: A pooja unit should have storage space to keep the mandir organized. This will allow you to make an orderly arrangement. 

Budget: Lastly, you should consider your budget. Home temples come in many different prices, so it's important to choose one within your budget. 

Wooden Temples for the Home: Benefits 

There are many benefits to buying a wooden home temple, including: 

Whenever you are in front of a wooden temple, you will enjoy a serene environment. The home temple's beautiful appearance will soothe your soul. 

Natural Elegance: Wooden pooja-gears are made of high-quality wood, which has a natural look and feel. High-quality wood is durable and will last for many years. 

A well-organized arrangement: A modern wooden temple for the home or a unit of prayer is endowed with various chests that can accommodate all pooja items in their proper places. 

Furniture that is Space-Savvy: The solid wood poojamandir is a compact piece of furniture that can be placed in any small space. 

Why choose Decors Mantra for Pooja Mandir Online in India? 

Decors Mantra Furniture Store has the highest-quality solid wood prayer units to suit your needs. We have the best, most stylish, and most traditional prayer units to decorate the walls of your pooja room. We have everything you need, whether it's surface-mounted or wall-mounted. Purchase the beautiful home temple online and experience the positive and prosperous effects.

Buy Mandir Online in India at the Best Price 

All religious people and Hindus in India value temples. A pooja mandir is considered auspicious. According to this belief, if the gods are essential in our lives, then they should also be in our homes. The holy idols need to have a place where they can live. You should have a space to meditate and worship the gods. Every Indian Hindu house, no matter how big or small, should have a mandir. 

You can get a wooden temple with intricate designs to showcase our culture and traditions. Discover designs that are inspired by ancient temples. These include arches, jharokha, carved columns, tall shikhars, and pooja shelves. They give off an authentic Indian feel and spiritual feeling. Decors Mantra offers a wide variety of mandirs, including different sizes, shapes, and colors. 

What to consider before purchasing a designer mandir 

Bringing home a new mandir is a momentous occasion for every religious person. Before buying a mandir, you should check that it meets all of these requirements. 

  1. Easy accessibility 
  2. Maximum utility 
  3. Convenient size 
  4. Materials that are durable and resistant to weather 
  5. Beautiful mandir design 
  6. Subtle or vibrant colors 
  7. Intricate detailing 
  8. Structures of light or heavy-weight 
  9. Shelves, Compartments, & Drawers 

Decors Mantra Offers a Variety of Mandir Designs 

Decors Mantra understands the religious, aesthetic, and sentimental value of a well-designed mandir. Our online store offers you a variety of designer mandirs that are modified to provide easy access, maximum utility, an ideal size, and an elegant look. The mandir is made of durable materials such as solid wood, engineered wood, and metal. You can mount it on the wall or rest it on the floor. Designer brands such as D'Dass Furniture, India Home Wood, and DZYN Furniture have designed the best collection of mandirs for you. 

Create and craft Trees, Elegant Arts and Frames, WoodenMood, Suncity Decors, and more! These are a few features of designer mandirs that will help you choose the right mandir for your blessed home. 

The Door 

Our designer mandir collection offers over 100 mandir designs that come with a door so you can maintain a clean and dust-free mandir. 

Without Door 

We also have over 200 options for designer mandirs to suit your needs. Some designs are intricate and have lower shelves, compartments, etc. to store holy items to pray to the idols. Others are minimalistic. 

With Dome 

Decors Mantra has a variety of mandir designs that are Vastu-compliant. 

Without Dome 

We also have a large selection of simple and well-designed box-style mandirs. 

Decors Mantra offers the most beautiful designer mandirs in the best designs, so you can bring all the positive energy and blessings into your home! 

Designer Mandir in Your Home 

Mandirs and religious idols can have a significant impact on the Vaastu and the aura of a home. It is essential to position the temple according to Vaastu rules in order to ensure that positive energy flows through your house and keeps negative energies away. Follow the rules below when placing your mandir to bring auspiciousness into your home. Follow these rules as closely as you can 

Place the Mandir in the North East Direction 

When you're designing your home, be sure to choose the correct direction for your mandir. Vaastu says that the NE direction is the best and most promising place to put a mandir. If the NE is not available, you can choose the North or East directions. Avoid the South, as it is a no-no in Vaastu. 

If you are wondering where to put your mandir, if you do not have a mandir room, you can place the pooja items in any room, including the living area. Your home temple can be placed near the entrance so that you can see your idols as soon as you enter. Mandirs are traditionally placed in the courtyard or aangan of the house. You can set your mandir in your foyer or lobby. 

Purchase a Mandir with two shutters. 

The two doors of a mandir must open either in the North or the East. Buy a mandir that has two shutters. You can buy a mandir without shutters if you plan to place it in a separate room. If your mandir is going to be visible from the living room or other parts of your home, then you may want a doorless mandir. You can also hang a pair of curtains in your pooja room. 

Select the Right Lighting for Your Home Temple 

It would help if you used lights to create a soothing, pleasant aura in a holy and sacred place like a mandir. It is essential not to leave the place dark but instead with enough lighting. Choose lights that match the color of the mandir or adjacent area. You may need more light if the mandir is dark. White light is a good option. You could also choose yellow light. To create a peaceful environment, avoid bright colors like blue or red. Instead, select yellow lights with a soft shade of brightness and calming tones. Decors Mantras has a collection of lights and mandirs for your temple.