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Wall Clocks for Your Home And Office

Decors Mantra offers stunning wall clocks that will enhance the look of your home. Wall clocks will help you stay organized at home and work. Wall clocks are a great way to add artistic and functional value to the office. Modern designer wall clocks are available in many shapes, colours and designs to suit modern aesthetics. Decors Mantra offers wall clocks that are in line with contemporary decor. Clean lines, minimalistic visuals, explicit texts and industrial appeal characterize modern apartment spaces. Explore the best wall clocks made from a variety of materials and designs for home offices designed with contemporary decor. Decors Mantra, India's favourite decor marketplace, is where you can buy wall clocks. Wall clocks can be decorated with floral patterns, mandalas and eclectic styles.

The Best Wall Clocks for Every Corner of Your Home

Statement wall clocks will help you create a style that is unique to your home. Here are some of the different places in your home where you can install a stylish clock: 

Home Wall Clock

Elegant wall clocks can transform white and muted walls into beautiful works of art. The wall clock is more than just a timepiece. It adds character and beauty to any room. Decors Mantra has the perfect wall clocks to match your interior design scheme. Wall clocks are a significant investment, whether you want to add a splash or muted colours.

Living Room Clock

Living room accessories should enhance the atmosphere of the living space. The wall clock should be chosen to blend in with the overall colour scheme and material of the living room. Are you thinking about buying wall clocks designer online? If you are a fan of modern or contemporary themes, then this is a must. The combination of floral wall clocks in traditional homes with quirky online wall clock designs that fit eclectic themes works beautifully. Add a beautiful wall clock to other decor items, like wall art or paintings, to complete the look.

Bedroom wall clock

Decors Mantra's wooden wall clocks will give your bedroom an old-fashioned look. Accessories such as wall clocks help to create the perfect decor mood in a bedroom. Brass or wooden wall clocks with elegant designs are ideal for the bedroom. These clocks are easy to move, require little maintenance and can last for many years. Decors Mantra offers a wide range of designer wall clocks that will enhance the style and glamour of your bedroom. Our clock collection is complete with style and substance.

Study Room wall clock

Wall clocks designed for study rooms are minimalistic and fuss-free. For maximum productivity, a study room free of distractions is the best option. A wall clock in your study room will help you stay on top of the time. It also allows you to divide up your study hours. To stay on top of things, keep the clock on your desk or your wall. For keeping track of time, simple wall clocks with a numerical display that is easy to read are the best. Decors Mantra has ideas and inspiration for keeping your study room organized.

Browse the range of wall clocks available on Decors Mantra

Round Wall Clock

It's no surprise that the round wall clock has become the most popular shape. It is a subtle and simple design that will blend in with any interior or aesthetic. Choose a design with a metallic hand or a frame with vibrant colours. There are many options. Circle wall clocks are a great way of breaking up a gallery with too many rectangular wall art or frames. They provide a pleasing visual difference.

Abstract Wall Clock

The abstract wall clock will add a touch of fun to your home decor. You can choose from a wide range of materials, shapes and styles. Choose clocks that have an open design. This will add depth to your wall. These clocks look more contemporary, and they will work well in a modern setting. If you want to create a retro 70s vibe, choose an abstract clock that has a colourful clockface and psychedelic designs. When paired with the correct wall accent, they can also add depth to gallery walls.

Wooden Wall Clocks

The rich colour of the wood and its beautiful grain pattern make wooden wall clocks a stylish choice. Due to their natural colours and organic textures, they will blend in perfectly with a French Country bedroom or a Mid-Century Modern living room. You can also choose a design that has metallic hands.

Plastic Wall Clocks

Plastic wall clocks have become very popular because they are both durable and affordable. These clocks are great for kids' bedrooms since they can withstand the damage that your kids will do. These clocks come in a variety of colours and feature cartoons.

Metal Wall Clocks

Metal wall clocks have become popular due to their minimalism and durability. If you're looking for a subtle and unassuming clock, metal can be moulded into thinner designs.

Designer Wall Clocks Available in a Variety of Designs

Decors Mantra has the largest selection of wall clocks in India.


Modern Wall Clocks

Discover the latest clock designs in our online collection. Our new designer wall clocks will add layers of appeal and modern bespoke finishes to any room in your home. You can also buy one as a present for someone else's new house. Contemporary wall clocks like ours reflect the latest trends. Having one or more will help you stay up to date.

Vintage Wall Clocks

Wall clocks in period style will take you back to your favourite era. Vintage wall clocks are a great way to commemorate important milestones in your life. It is easy to give a classic clock face as it adds an old-world charm, even in modern living rooms. You can also buy a Victorian dual-faced platform clock in the Victorian style. This is an excellent gift for family members or friends. Browse Decors Mantra's antique wall clocks.

Wall Clocks - Hanging

Decors Mantra has a wide range of clocks to suit every taste and budget. They all look great hung up on any wall, whether they are made of metal, wood or designer clocks. Wall plates with clock designs and functionality are also among the latest wall decor trends. Our online catalogue has more wall decor ideas. Check out the wall lights section.

Exclusive Collection of Clocks

The purpose of wall clocks is not only to keep track of the time. In the modern home, wall clocks are also an item of decor and an ornament. Your wall clock should reflect your personality and style, as well as the décor of your home. Decors Mantra offers a wide range of wall clocks made from different materials. This comprehensive list will help you select the best wall clocks for your home. 

Wooden Wall Clocks

Classic wooden wall clocks will always stay in style. They are rustic and sophisticated, yet they look antique. The wood itself is very durable, being 100% natural and resistant against wear and tear. The natural striations in wood give your clock an unparalleled beauty. Wood is also easy to carve, so you can choose from a variety of beautiful clocks to give your room character.

Metal Wall Clocks

Metal wall clocks look incredibly sophisticated and add a cool industrial look to any home. Hollow metal wall clocks allow you to see the wall through the clock, giving the room a designer feel. Choose a classic design of metal clock with a background that contrasts nicely with the hands. Metal is very durable, and if you keep it dry, there's no need to worry about rust. Metal clocks can be finished in a variety of ways.

Plastic Wall Clocks

Plastic wall clocks have become more popular due to their wide variety of designs. Plastic wall clocks come in a variety of colours, patterns, and styles. Choose a clock with bright colours to give your room a retro feel, a clock with fun graphics for the kids' rooms, or one that is sleek and simple for your study. Plastic is also weatherproof, durable, and cheaper than metal and wood.

Decorating Ideas with Designer Wall Clock

Wall clocks are affordable ways to decorate walls and make a bold statement. They are functional and fun decor items.

The best way to decorate a large wall is with a well-placed, oversized clock. This simple trick will make your wall appear larger and bring a splash of personality and colour to the room. A large wall clock also makes it easier to see the time!

Create a gallery wall using wall clocks, photo frames, and other wall decor to create an eclectic and creative space. Create a collage with more than one clock, along with mirrors, photo frames, and other wall decor items. Your guests will be amazed at the beauty of your home.

Wall clocks should complement your furniture, such as curtains, carpets, or sheets. They add an extra layer of colour and pattern to the space, which will travel up the vertical space.

Wall clocks can be used as decor pieces on top of cabinets or shelves. Place one against the wall above your TV unit, cabinet, shelf, or display shelf. Add flowers, candles, and lamps to make a beautiful display.

It can be challenging to find the perfect painting to decorate the walls of the guestroom. You never know what a guest might like! Instead, choose wall clocks! Wall clocks are a great way to add character, fill bare walls and serve a practical purpose in your guest room.

What to Consider when buying a wall clock for your home or office

Before choosing a wall clock, there are a few things to consider:


Wall Clock Size

Choose the size of the wall clock that fits best with your decor style. Small and stylish wall clocks are perfect for homes and apartments in urban areas. This is the best way to revitalize blank walls. If you're looking to avoid large designs that occupy too much room, a slim wall clock could be the perfect design for you. Decors Mantra offers a wide range of wall clocks in different sizes and patterns. Before buying a wall clock, you should carefully consider your wall's size and the theme of decor that you wish to use.

The wall clock design

The design of the wall clock is essential in creating the right atmosphere in the room. Decors Mantra offers a wide range of decorative wall clocks, including floral, floral, and modern designs. Unique designer wall clocks will elevate the decor of any space, including the bedroom and living room. Simple wall clocks are a great way to keep a room alive. For a touch of elegance, pair your simple wall clock with elegant wall art or paintings. Wall accessories that are thoughtfully chosen can make a big difference in the mood of your home. Decors Mantra has a wide range of wall accessories to choose from.

Online Wall Clocks: Benefits for Your Home

In our digitally driven world, the benefits and convenience of online shopping are no longer in doubt. Wall clocks are essential for adding sophistication and enhancing the atmosphere of your home. You can browse a wide range of wall clocks online from different designers and brands. 

Large Selection

You can choose from a wide range of styles and designs when you buy a wall clock online. When you search online for wall clocks, you have access to an extensive and diverse range of styles and designs. Online marketplaces offer a wide range of wall clocks that satisfy different aesthetic and taste preferences.


Online wall clocks from Decors Mantra offer unparalleled convenience. It's no longer necessary to spend hours in traffic and person searching for the perfect timepiece. You can research patterns, styles and sizes from the comfort of your own home with just a couple of clicks.

Price Comparison

With the simple search and filter features, you can narrow down your choices based on size, price, material, and more. Comparing similar products can help you find the best deals and get the best bang for your buck.

Customer Reviews

When buying wall clocks, you can benefit from user reviews and suggestions. Before making a purchase, you can read reviews written by previous buyers of the clock. These evaluations can help you make an informed decision. They provide valuable information on the performance, quality and longevity of the clock.

The benefits of purchasing wall clocks for your home online from reputable platforms such as Decors Mantra must be considered. The convenience of shopping at home allows you to find the perfect clock that matches your decor and reflects your style. 

Why choose Decors Mantra for a wall clock?

Decors Mantra wall clocks are a great way to add a touch of class and elegance to your living space. Decors Mantra is committed to delivering the highest-quality wall clocks. When you choose a wall clock from Decors Mantra, you are buying more than a clock. It is a statement piece that reflects your personality and enhances the atmosphere of your home. 

Decors Mantra stands out from its competitors by offering a seamless online shopping experience. Their user-friendly site and easy navigation make it enjoyable to browse their large selection of wall clocks. The detailed product descriptions and high-resolution pictures allow customers to see the intricate details of each clock and imagine how it would fit in their home.