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Wall Mirror Frames: Add a WOW factor to your home interiors

This beautiful wall mirror frame will enhance any room. It is also a great way to add a touch of elegance to your house. A wall mirror frame can brighten up your home and make it appear bigger. It looks great wherever you put it and is a beautiful addition to your home decor.

Choose from a wide range of decorative wall mirrors online. Change your outdated wall mirror with a modern one. New contemporary bedroom wall mirror frames will look great in your living room or bedroom. 

The decorative wall mirror gives your home a chunky appearance. The back of our mirror frames is also equipped with wall fixings. Our frame is made from the best quality wood and is built to last. Handcrafted decorative mirrors for walls are designed for durability. 

The online decorative wall mirror is framed in a solid wood frame that has rounded corners to give it a vintage feel. Our wooden mirror frames are a beautiful combination of timeless style and high-quality construction. 

What is the best wall mirror design for your home?

A wall mirror can be the centerpiece of a room. Wall mirrors in the living room that are framed correctly can make a space come alive. Here are some tips to consider when buying a wooden mirror online: 

What is the purpose of wall mirrors? 

When choosing a mirror for a wall in your home, consider the style. Will you, for example, choose a full-length wall mirror that is oversized or minimalistic and fits the theme of your bedroom? First, consider where you want to hang your bedroom wall mirror frame and what its purpose is. Based on this size, shape, and style of your wall mirror can be determined. 

Wall Mirrors are available in different shapes: 

The shape can transform the entire space. The round wall mirrors in the living room add a soft touch to the surroundings. While the long mirror gives the space a sleek appearance, it is also available with a more elegant look. Decors Mantra has a wide range of decorative mirror frames in different shapes to suit your room. 

Dimensions of wall mirrors 

The size of a wall mirror depends on the room in which it is placed. The larger the room, the better the wall mirror design. If you have a smaller space or want to decorate a smaller room, then a more miniature wall mirror decoration will be more suitable. 

The Right Mirror Frame: 

Style can make a big difference in a room's decor. If you live in a traditional home, an ornate wall mirror with a boho theme will look best. If you prefer a sleek, minimalist style, a straight wall mirror can be the right choice. 

Decors Mantra offers a variety of mirrors.

Decors Mantra offers a wide range of designer wall mirrors to enhance the look of your interiors. The shapes and designs of these mirrors are tailored to meet different requirements so you can arrange them as per your needs: 

Wall Mirrors 

Wooden wall mirrors can completely transform your interiors. Our attractive designs come in a variety of shapes, such as square, rectangular, circular, or oval. Because of their different styles and sizes, these mirrors are versatile. They can be used in any place or room of your choosing. 

LED Mirrors 

It is essential to have a complete set of lights that will highlight all the details of your makeup and dressing. Decors Mantra offers a variety of LED mirrors that will save you money on room lighting and give you the perfect illumination for dressing up. These LED mirrors are not only functional but also stunning. 

Bathroom Mirrors 

Bathroom mirrors are a great way to give your bathroom a clean, crisp look. These mirrors are perfect for a quick style retreat or a personal grooming session. These wall mirrors have been designed to complement the bathroom decor. 

Full-Length mirrors 

The full-length mirror is ideal for dressing up from top to bottom. A full-length reflection mirror will help you achieve a formal or traditional look. It can also be used to match footwear and overall style. It not only helps you to get a makeover but also transforms your interiors. Decors Mantra has a wide range of full-length designs. 

Mirrors for Bedrooms 

It is essential to have a bedroom mirror for styling and daily makeovers. This is because it allows us to access personal care products easily. We offer a wide selection of storage options for our bedroom mirrors to keep your makeup products within easy reach. This range is available in a variety of styles and designs so that they can be matched to any decor style, modern or traditional. 

Wall Mirror Frame Designs will Enlarge your Space.

Decorating a house with a full-length wall mirror frame will not only lock the eyes but also make everything appear bigger and better due to the reflective property. These mirrors increase the sense of space. These pieces can vary in style, from funky to vintage and classic. See how a bedroom wall mirror doubles your space and creates beautiful illustrations of the objects inside and outside the home. 

Hang a decorative wall mirror with a texture on the wall of the kitchen facing the garden to create a surreal reflection. The decorative wall mirror frames can enhance the look of outdoor scenery. Wall mirrors in the living room can be positioned at various angles to create a powerful, eye-catching effect. 

At the entrance, large wall mirror frames are ideal. Mirrors on the wall at different heights create a perfect appeal. They will also make people stand for a while in front of it. This helps people to do their hair and dress up before entering the home. 

Hang it between the windows. Make a large mirror the focal point in your home by hanging it between two windows. This would make people freeze in their tracks. The giant, textured frame gives the space a more intimate feeling. 

Mirror frame for vanity setup: Install a tall mirror frame near the corner of your bed to create a beautiful vanity setup. Divide the area with curtains to create the illusion of two separate areas. 

Incredible Decorative Mirror Design Online in India

Decors Mantra offers the highest-quality wall mirrors at the most affordable prices. Our superb range of wall mirror frames will help you decorate your hallway in an elegant style. Our amazing furniture range for each room can help you design and create a home that will make you proud. Wall mirrors come in a variety of sizes and are small enough to move between rooms. 

The wall mirror frame is a beautiful piece of furniture that belongs in any home. Each frame is made by hand from fair-trade wood and finished to the highest standards. The furniture is of high quality, and we believe that the design and style are unique. 

Wall Mirror Online: Wall Mirrors for Every Corner of Your House

We have frames for wall mirrors that will suit every room of your home, whether it's the living room, bedroom, or dining area. Here are some designer wall mirrors that will suit any room in your home: 

Wall Mirrors for Bedroom 

Wall mirrors are essential for bedrooms. A full-length mirror frame is a good option if you do not have a dressing table. You can choose from wall-mounted mirrors or smaller ones depending on your needs. 

Wall Mirrors for Living Room 

The living room is the main attraction in every home. In a living area, a wall mirror frame set is usually the best option. You can choose any color or combination when choosing the wall mirror for your living room. It is the first space in the house, and it sets the tone for the rest of the home. 

Wall Mirror for Dining Room 

A dining room usually has large furniture. You can choose a small frame wall mirror for your dining room. Wall mirrors in the dining room will add the much-needed oomph to the area. 

Mirror for the Entryway 

The foyer is the first thing guests see when they enter a house. You can choose a large wall mirror to decorate an entrance. You can select a set of two wall mirror frames or a smaller one if you have a console at the entrance. 

Why buy wall mirror frame designs online via Decors Mantra

You can choose from a variety of wall mirror frames when you buy them online through Decors Mantra. Wall mirrors are available in a variety of styles, whether they're classic or contemporary. Wall mirror frames can transform your home into a magical place. 

As trends change, our best-selling wall mirrors continue to improve. We don't allow buyers to be depressed after their visit, as we have a large collection of trendy wall mirrors. Our payment gateways are 100% reliable. Decors Mantra gives our customers exclusive discounts on mirror frames to allow them to enjoy a shopping spree. 

Each decorative wall mirror frame is unique and has a high-quality, non-toxic finish. Shop with excitement at the Decors Mantra Online Store. Our website is filled with irresistible wall mirrors. 

Round Mirror Frame. 

The wall mirror frame is a great way to add a vintage look to your walls and tables. You can choose from a wide range of exclusive wall mirror frames online. Get the exact size you need, and it will be delivered right to your doorstep. Our wall mirror frames have been crafted with the finest woods for an elegant look. Decors Mantra offers stylish wall mirror frames that will enhance the beauty of your home.